FIRST AIRED: December 31, 2016

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Let June, the 23rd go down in our history as our independence day!>>
>> This year has been one of the most tumultuous years in British and European history since the Second World War. And at the heart of it was Brexit. My name's Guy Faulconbridge, I'm UK bureau chief for Reuters.
It was a tumultuous night, in which we all stayed up all night. I've never seen anything really like that in my experience in journalism, which is about 15, 16 years. It was certainly one of the biggest events I've ever covered. And then of course, just to knock it all off, as you're having breakfast, David Cameron resigning.
And then, the tumultuous period of British politics which really, as I said, no one's seen for 50 years, half a century, where you get leaders just falling by the side and then new leaders in most of the parties. A lot of the misunderstanding of Brexit, I think, does stem from the fact that the politicians, the journalists, the bankers, the CEOs are all very concentrated in London.
Outside London there is a very very different view of the world, a view of the European Union, a view of the economy and a view of Britain itself. And the concentration in London tended to give an impression in London that Brexit wasn't gonna happen. If you'd traveled outside London, as I did several times before Brexit, it was very clear that the view outside London was very much more pro-Brexit than inside London.
And all eyes in 2017 are on a few things in the European Union. Number one, how does Brexit play out? Will Theresa May trigger Brexit by the end of March as she says? And on the other side, who is Theresa May actually gonna be speaking to? Hollande is not running for the French presidency, Renzi has resigned.
What's gonna happen in the French election, and what's gonna happen in Germany? Those are the things that people are watching around Brexit, and the predictions are that they could be a little bit more tumult.