FIRST AIRED: December 30, 2016

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>> The Obama administration striking back against Russia Thursday for interfering in the 2016 US election. Expelling 35 Russian diplomats from the country, closing two Russian compounds in New York and Maryland and imposing strict new sanctions against Russian intelligence officials and agencies. A major retaliation for what the CIA and FBI have determined were state sponsored hacks of the Democratic Party and Hillary Clinton's campaign manager designed to sway the election toward Donald Trump.
Reuters correspondent Dustin Volz.>> Thursday's actions by President Obama are probably the most forceful of his presidency in terms of retaliating for a cyber attack. Certainly it looks like the US-Russian relations have plummeted through a new post Cold War low.>> The Russian diplomats would be given 72 hours to leave the United States.
The actions also a response to what US officials say is Russian harassment of American diplomats in Moscow. In a statement the President's saying that quote, all Americans should be alarmed by Russia's actions, and that more measures will be taken against Russia quote, at a time and place of our choosing.
Meanwhile, President Elect Trump, who has repeatedly shrugged off the cyber attack.>> I think we ought to get on with our lives.>> Reiterated the stance Thursday saying quote, it's time for our country to move on to bigger and better things. But adding he would meet with intelligence officials next week to get fully briefed on the situation.
On Russia, Trump's been at odds with his own party. Speaker Paul Ryan and Senators John McCain and Lindsey Graham all calling the sanctions overdue.>> It's gonna be interesting to see whether or not Trump tries to undo the sanctions that were announced today, or roll back some of the other measures in an attempt to reconcile or make peace with Russia.
>> A Kremlin spokesman says the new sanctions destroy diplomatic relations with Russia.