FIRST AIRED: December 29, 2016

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>> In 2008, its chief executive claimed it was one of the world's strongest banks. Fast forward eight years, the IMF calls it, the most dangerous. Deutsche Bank, this year's big banking shock.>> Like all these banks, but cuz they are so complicated at face value. You can't see the problems till you start lifting up the stones and then you can see what's happening.
And actually, what you've got it's a very risky organization. Which unfortunately, it was probably so complicated that no one actually understood quite how much risk was that.>> One risk everyone did understand was Monte Dei Paschi. And even with the bailout it hasn't gone away.>> The danger with the Italian banking system, is it becomes effectively endemic throughout the entire system.
And they're one fools the rest of it starts collapsing.>> If that was last year, then what about next? The Bank of England warning about a challenging outlook, after a failed RBS stress test.>> By most measures, you would still say that bank is probably technically bust. It needs enormous surgery to try and get it sorted out, that should've happened several years back.
>> Others too expect it to go under the knife, as the industry grapples with new customer habits.>> These networker branches are turning into a pile of twigs. They're no longer relevant anymore, the technology has bypassed them. Time for a new generation of bank, providing smoother, smarter services in a different way.
>> After this year, few would argue.