FIRST AIRED: December 29, 2016

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>> Many Donald Trump supporters gleefully appropriated the term deplorable. Which Hillary Clinton notoriously used to describe some Trump voters. And perhaps no group relished the word more than the alt-right. That mostly online community of white nationalists, misogynists, and anti-Semites who cheered Trump. And Deploraball 2017 is meant to be their celebration of his election victory.
But that event, to be held in Washington DC's National Press Club is driving a wedge between supporters who want to stay true to their overt racism and others who want to go more mainstream.>> Hail Trump. Hail our people, hail victory.>> After the Atlantic posted video of white nationalist Richard Spencer crying, hail Trump, while supporters offered fascist salutes.
Deploraball organizers may have realized they have an image problem. One top organizer, Mike Cernovich, who helped promote a fake news story that Hillary Clinton ran a child sex trafficking ring out of a DC pizzeria, is now drawing the line. Reuters correspondent Laila Kearney spoke to Cernovich, and learned that even for him, some things go too far.
>> Blatant Nazism, very blatant racism, or fixation on one race or ethnicity or religion. That's something that's being shunned, at least by the current organizers of this event.>> That position didn't go over well with some of the white nationalists. Earlier this week, Cernovich had a private Twitter exchange with fellow Deploraball headliner Tim Treadstone.
Who goes by the Twitter handle Baked Alaska. Treadstone is one of the many on the alt right who believe in a global Jewish conspiracy. Cernovich told Treadstone, no Nazi salutes or you're uninvited. Treadstone didn't like this and posted the exchange on Twitter.>> Oy vey. What's up, guys?
ked Alaska here. I've been officially banned from Deploraball.
Trump may have empowered the white nationalists in the US. But if they cannot reach a happy compromise on Nazi salutes and Jewish conspiracies, they may have to have separate but equal victory parties.