FIRST AIRED: December 29, 2016

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>> A trans-Pacific layover fueling an international firestorm. Taiwanese president Tsai Ing-wen plans to stop in the US on her way to Latin America, Taiwan's Foreign Ministry said Thursday. This infuriating the government in Beijing, already steamed over President-Elect Donald Trump's unprecedented telephone call with Tsai shortly after his election victory in November.
Mainland China considers Taiwan a rogue breakaway province. It fears official recognition of Taiwan's leader may be a small step toward officially recognizing the island's independence. On Thursday, China urged the United States to block the Taiwanese President's stopover.>>
> I think everyone is very clear about the Taiwanese leader's real intentions in passing through the US.
We hope the US can abide by the One China Policy and the principle of the three China US joint communiques and not let her pass through their border. Not give any wrong signals to Taiwan's Independence forces. And through concrete actions, safeguard overall US-China relations and peace and stability in the Taiwan Straits.
>> Escalating tensions, China this week sent it's sole aircraft carrier and several warships on maneuvers close to Taiwan this week. Beijing said the boats were conducting routine drills. Taiwanese leaders have visited and passed through the US before and the US is unlikely to interfere with Tsai's travel plans this time.
She may meet with members of Congress during the stopover but she isn't scheduled to appear at any public events.