FIRST AIRED: December 29, 2016

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>> Since election day US stocks have seen major gains but that momentum alone may not be enough to get the Dow Jones past the 20,000 level for the first time. For nearly two weeks stocks have hovered near the mark but each session stalled. And now investors may naturally start to question the Trump bump says Reuters Economics editor Dan Burns.
At the drivers behind the broad rally, are a lot of expectations that President-Elect Donald Trump is gonna deliver. A whole series of stimulus measures that are gonna be good for the economy, and by extension good for stocks. But there is reason for skepticism here, because this is all based at this point on speculation, that everything Trumps says he will do, he will infect too and that all those measures will have a beneficent effect.
>> Infrastructure is one such factor that's counting on Trumps promise, to increase spending on roads, bridges and the power grate. But it's a financial sector that benefit it the most since the election. Largely because of Trump's promise to loosen regulations. But Burns says, for the Dow to reach 20,000, the rally needs more than optimism.
>> Until a couple of days ago, we were ready to talk about how the latest run between 19,000 and 20,000, for the Dow is gonna be its shortest in history. Well, it seems now that its hit this wall just shy of the 20,000 mark. It's probably a factor of that so much of the gains have been delivered actually within the Dow, by a pretty concentrated group of stocks.
It hasn't been broad based. So Goldman Sachs, the highest price stock in the Dow Has delivered 400 points in the Dow's gains since the election. That's more than three times any other individual stock.>> One group that has not benefited, tech stocks. One time darling Apple, Google, Amazon, and Facebook, are all trailing the Dow, since election day as investors brace their uncertain future.