FIRST AIRED: January 2, 2017

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Clear!>> When I went to meet a militia group just days before the election, most people were still expecting Hillary Clinton to beat Donald Trump easily. But during a field training exercise for the III% Security Force, I got a chance to see just how deep and passionate Donald Trump's support really was in some parts of the country.
>> How many people are voting for Trump? Hoorah!>> Hoorah!>> Chris Hill, the security force's founder and Georgia state commander said his members were deeply worried about Clinton taking away their guns if she won. Hill was careful not to call for outright insurrection. But he did suggest he hoped people would march on Washington if Trump fell short, and let militia members protect them.
>> I'm gonna do everything in my power to try to rally people, and if the people want to stand. And the people want to have their voices heard I think that's a first amendment right. And I want to be there with a second amendment right, and stand and protect that voice.
>> With the mix of III% members from dog breeders to paralegals target practice was a big focus.>>
>> Hill was also worried about potential riots should Trump win.>> Which ended up happening in some cities, though the III% Security Force did not end up getting involved.
Meeting these people so soon before the election really brought into focus just how deep Trump's support was in the rural, mostly white parts of the country. And the extent to which fears about gun control played a role for a lot of voters in pulling that lever for Trump.