FIRST AIRED: December 22, 2016

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>> Breitsheidplatz should be bustling. It's one of Berlin's most popular Christmas markets, but just days before Christmas, it's a crime scene. This is where a truck killed a dozen people on Monday night. At a nearby market stores are open again after closing for a day in respect. Berlin has scored of these places, which are a tourist magnet.
I'm Reuters reporter, Lucy Field, here in Berlin where Christmas markets like this one are really cherished tradition, so there's a sense here that this attack really struck at something quintessentially German. What better way to make people feel that any cozy sense of security they may have is just an illusion.
In November, the United States warned that Islamic State could be planning attacks on Christmas markets. They are vibrant, associated with Christian tradition and open public spaces that are hard to fortify.>>
> German officials have long grappled with how to protect the festive throngs. This one has security guards and bag checks, but some don't.>> At the Kudon where it happened there are like all the big streets so it's really easy to go there for example with that big truck, but here it's not that easy to come.
So of course it's really sad and surprising and shocking, but it wasn't exactly unexpected.>>
>> An atrocity at one of it's Christmas markets has long been Berlin's worst nightmare. Now that it is happened, many worry here and elsewhere in Europe that it could happen again.