FIRST AIRED: December 22, 2016

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>> With Donald Trump taking office, activists who favor curtailing legal immigration long pushed to the political fringe may finally have a friend in the White House. I'm Andy Sullivan in Washington, where Trump, who came to power on a promise to build a wall to keep out illegal immigrants may also crack down on the legal kind as well.
Trump himself backing the idea in a speech this summer.>> The time has come for a new immigration commission to develop a new set of reforms. To our legal immigration system to keep immigration levels measured by population share within historical norms.>> I will support and defend.>> I will support and defend.
>> The Constitution.>> The United States has taken in roughly one million legal immigrants each year for the past 50 years. The foreign-born share of the U.S. population is now higher than it has been for nearly a century. That rattles groups like NumbersUSA, which say the country needs to cut immigration in half.
They say these new arrivals compete for work with unskilled Americans who are already struggling to make ends meet. But immigration advocates say these groups are simply uncomfortable with the country's growing racial and ethnic diversity, and want to turn back the clock to a time when the United States favored white European immigrants.
>> This is so important.>> There's politics to consider as well. Studies have found that immigrants are much more likely to vote for Democrats than Republicans. Now so far Trump has mainly talked about cutting back immigration in the context of fighting terror, saying the country should employ extreme vetting to prevent dangerous people from getting into the country.
>> To develop a list of regions and countries from which immigration must be suspended, until proven and effective vetting mechanisms can be put in place.>> But his plan goes farther. His website saying that the United States should choose immigrants based on their likelihood of success in the country.
But the idea may face a wall of it's own in Congress. Even many Republican say the country needs more legal immigrants, not fewer, to boost the economy and take care of an aging population.