FIRST AIRED: December 26, 2016

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> A group of Chinese warships including the country's only aircraft carrier entering the South China Sea Monday just after buzzing the south coast of Taiwan. In the latest flurry of tension over President-Elect Donald Trump's harder line with the U.S.'s biggest trading partner. The carrier and five other ships passing 90 nautical miles from Taiwan.
Taipei's defense ministry said it later sailed near an island chain under Taiwan's control. China calling the maneuver a routine exercise. Trump's phone call with Taiwan's president earlier this month igniting a fire storm as China sees the country as a rouge province and has for decades insisted that Washington follow a strict One-China policy, which Trump seems eager to shake up.
China's ability to project naval might is still limited, but an editorial in the government controlled Global Times says that soon China's fleet will be able to cruise to the eastern Pacific, and that, quote, will trigger intense thinking about maritime rules. Parts of the south China Sea are claimed by China and several other countries in the region, including Taiwan.