FIRST AIRED: December 19, 2016

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>> We wanna find out what the Russians are doing.>> A bipartisan group of US Senators ramping up pressure on President elect Donald Trump Sunday, calling for a special Senate probe into the ways Russian hacking may have influenced the 2016 Presidential race. Incoming Democratic Senate leader, Chuck Schumer, backed by Republicans John Mccain and Lindsey Graham saying the allegations against Russia call for an investigation by a Senate Select Committee.
>> We'll focus on governments, foreign governments, Russia but also China and Iran and they're hacking our political system as well as our economic infrastructure and social systems.>> Deputy US Elections Editor Karen Bohan.>> Trump, last week said it was ridiculous to think that Russia was trying to sway the election for him.
He doesn't see a need for an investigation. He sees this as an effort to delegitimize his win in the Presidential race. From a political standpoint, it's not helpful to him to be seen as going easy on Russia. So now you have two prominent Republican Senators joining with Democrats, to call for a special panel.
It ratchets up pressure on Donald Trump because it makes clear Republicans are concerned about this as well and they want answers.>> In a possible shift, incoming Trump Chief of Staff and Republican Party Leader Reince Priebus told Fox News Sunday Trump would likely accept Russia's role in the hacks if the FBI and CIA put out a joint report showing they are, quote on the same page.
Until now, the CIA has been pointing the most forceful finger at Russia saying the Kremlin hacked the Democratic Party and members of Hillary Clinton's campaign to defeat Clinton, with the FBI saying Russia had been trying to disrupt the elections. All this as electors prepare to meet Monday in state capitols to formalize Trump's win.
>> That will remove any further uncertainty about his status as President elect. That might free him up to take a different position if he wants to.>> This happened at the highest levels.>> President Obama has ordered his own report on the hacking to be delivered before he leaves office.