FIRST AIRED: January 6, 2017

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>> Horrified, but not surprised. The reaction this working class Istanbul neighborhood, that the New Years Day gunman roamed amongst them. Turkish authorities say the suspect is thought to be in. And with him still on the loose, Reuters' Humeyra Pamuk has visited Zeytinburnu, where, she says, the mood is tense.
>> Only a few days ago, special forces police along with counter-terror units had carried out a raid in the area and have detained several people at a restaurant that the attacker had gone to, after he carried out the shooting at the nightclub and borrowed some money for the taxi ride that it had after he carried out this attack.
>> Bustling Kazak and Uzbek shops tell of the area's Uighur influence. The mainly Muslim Turkic-speaking minority in western China has Diasporas across central Asia and Turkey. Here, there's a well-established community. But elders have told Reuters they've seen a wave of new migrants in recent years. A fact brought into sharp focus on New Year's Day, when a gunman killed 39 people in an Istanbul nightclub.
>> The events of the nightclub attack has put this neighborhood under renewed spotlight. It is seen by many as a transit hub for a lot of migrants going to Europe. It is a place where these migrants can go undetected and find shelter in rented apartments without actually providing some vital information like passports or IDs.
>> Islamic State have claimed responsibility for the nightclub attack. But as authorities scour the country for the culprit, the spur of a soul searching about Turkey's social makeup.