FIRST AIRED: January 6, 2017

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It was supposed to be an award season free of racial controversy, with films starring people of color up for top prizes. But ahead of Sunday's Golden Globes, a simmering issue looks to spoil the party. I'm Lisa Bernhardt in New York. Six months ago Nate Parker's A Birth of a Nation was an award's favorite.
Then came reports of a past rape allegation against its director and star. And suddenly, the film seemed to fall off the ballots. Manchester by the Sea also had reports resurface that its star, Casey Affleck, settled two sexual harassment suits from 2010. His fate, more than a dozen Best Actor wins so far with a Golden Globe likely to come, a ceremony from which Nate Parker has been completely shut out.
Their opposing paths leading to cries of a double standard, one artist African American, the other white. Affleck perhaps even further buffered as the brother of superstar, Ben.>> The new song.>> But Parker's criminal case in 2001 the more serious for sure. He was acquitted rape charges, his accuser later committing suicide in 2012.
Aflex two suits, both civil, claiming he called women cows and manhandled one, were settled for undisclosed sums.>> I can't be the guardian.>> It's not the first time Hollywood has appeared to have forgiven bad PR for a man who happens to be white. Woody Allen and Roman Polanski, also embroiled in court cases involving sexual abuse, continue to work.
While Mel Gibson, once blackballed for spewing anti semitic remarks, is back in the saddle this year with Hacksaw Ridge, up for three Golden Globes.>> I think this is cowardice.>> As for Parker's career, his film flopped at the box office, and he has yet to announced a new project.