FIRST AIRED: January 12, 2017

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>> Wild horses and the US border patrol have teamed up. I'm Reuter's photographer Mike Blake out on the US Mexican border. The Bureau of Land Management is gathering wild horses mostly for their protection because of over grazing and there's actually apparently 65,000 wild horses. It's still in the US, those horses are taken to prisons in Arizona, Florence Arizona where there's assist in their
's a little bit like a ranch set up. It's inside the boundary of the prison, it's still surrounded by 20 foot fences with razor wire. There's 35 prisoners involved, each prisoner is given a horse. They train that horse and they gentle that horse for three to four months and then the horse is adopted.
I did actually witness an adoption. You could definitely see that the prisoner was, he was sad. He was saying goodbye to a horse that he had taken from being basically a wild animal to being rideable and friendly and there was a definite bond there. Photographically, it's been pretty interesting to cover.
You get out here and you realize how massive this space is. It's a wall that goes on 2,000 miles and it's 24/7, 365 and these guys are on it. Having agents on horses has been a really, really good system for them to get around. And to get to areas that they can't get to in all terrain vehicles and in their jeeps and trucks.
One evening we were out, we had the sun going down, the horses were out on the eastern sector here. And they're up on a hill and we had a full moon rising. It was a really good picture, although it was a little hard because you're trying to line up the moon and the agent on the horse.
And you're kind of running in the dark and there's cactuses. The image of kind of the sheriff on a horse patrolling the west is pretty iconic.