FIRST AIRED: January 9, 2017

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>> America can not afford a Twitter presidency. He's being really dumb.>> And these characters->> They're both brash New Yorkers who love a good fight, but Donald Trump and top Senate Democrat Chuck Schumer could just be the pair that finally smash gridlock in Washington. I'm Andy Sullivan in Washington, where the fur is flying between these two, Trump calling Schumer the Democrat's head clown.
Schumer rolling out a new slogan, Make America Sick Again, mocking Trump's attempt to overturn ObamaCare, but underneath the theatrics these two both share a nose for a good deal.>> To the extent that the President-Elect and the Republican majority pursue policies that help America and are consistent with our values, we stand ready, we'll work in good faith.
>> They're just a couple of guys from the outer boroughs, Trump from Queens, Schumer from Brooklyn, now making it big in Washington. Both larger than life, in love with the limelight, and often accused of going too far. Former Senator Bob Dole once cracking the most dangerous place in D.C. is between Schumer and a camera.
>> We will hold President-Elect Trump accountable.>> When Trump was building skyscrapers, as far back as the 80s, Schumer was making a name as a dealmaker on issues like immigration, earning the nickname Monty Hall. Despite the name calling, the two might be closer than it appears, Trump giving $9000 over the years to Schumer's campaigns, recently saying he likes Schumer more than top names in the GOP.
Schumer viewed as more pragmatic, less partisan than former Democratic leader Harry Reid, saying he could possibly work with Trump on trade and infrastructure. That would mark a sea change in dynamics from the past six years of gridlock, when Obama and the Republicans barely even spoke to each other.
Trump and Schumer may be trading insults right now, but at least there is a chance that before long they'll be sitting down and cutting deals.>> I yield the floor.