FIRST AIRED: January 5, 2017

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>> Take a look.>> So you're trying to tell me you can talk to the fridge?>> Yes, hi Samsung!>> Talking refrigerators, not one.>> Alexa, add milk to my shopping list.>> But two unveiled ahead of the world's largest gadget show, CES kicking off Thursday. And one thing's clear, the race to be ultimate digital assistant is gearing up fast.
And it's no longer just around the house. They're hopping into our cars too. Ford announcing this week that Alexa will be able to serve us while we're behind the wheel. Reuters reporter Alexandria Sage has been tracking the digital butlers as they hitch a ride with the carmakers.>> Two companies have been making a lot of deals lately.
They are IBM's Watsons, who are now going to be in GM cars. As well as Amazon, which is doing more and more work in the autonomous space. So it seems that there's a little push and pull between those two companies. Now, of course, Fiat Chrysler has been working with Google.
In terms of helping to develop their autonomous technology and how that fits into an actual vehicle. We didn't hear about that today with this concept car. But you can rest assured that if they like the relationship with Google. They would be incorporating more of that technology into their cars.
>> It's no surprise these assistants are showing up everywhere. They're doing a lot more than Apple's Siri did for us.>> Hey Siri, set timer for 14 minutes.>> The success of Amazon's Echo->> Alexa, turn on the lights.>> showed the potential for money making.>> Alexa, I'd like to buy sparkling water and celery.
>> So Google is on Amazon's heels with Google Home launched last year. And this week says it's embedding its assistant in Android TVs in coming months. So who will be serving us in the future? Who knows? Maybe the brains of this Toyota concept car, Yui, could drive us and also wash our socks, and do the grocery shopping too.