FIRST AIRED: December 10, 2017

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yne, Pennsylvania is suburb of Philadelphia and sits in Pennsylvania's 7th congressional district. And the 7th is often pointed to as an example of political gerrymandering run amuck.>> Well it's almost impossible to do it justice by describing it, you really have to Google Image PA 7 to see it.
But this is done deliberately to guarantee that the voters' votes never actually matter.>> Critics of gerrymandering claim the practice subverts democracy, letting politicians pick their voters rather than the other way around>> State Senator Daylin Leach is a Democrat hoping to win the party primary, and then take on the Republican incumbent for the 7th District next year.
But Leach says the district map was designed to keep it safely in Republican Congressman Pat Meehan's hands.>> Southeastern Pennsylvania has trended heavily Democratic. So to make a viable district for him you have to draw all kinds of weird twists and turns. And even then it's not enough, you have to draw this tiny land bridge out to rural Berks and Lancaster County where there's more Republicans in order to get enough Republicans to give him a viable seat.
>> On Monday Pennsylvania's 7th district will be at the center of a lawsuit argued in state court, challenging the state's congressional district lines drawn in 2011. The outcome of this case and two others could boost Democrats' chances of retaking the US House of Representatives in 2018. And it could begin with redrawing Pennsylvania's 7th District, which at one point narrows to a single restaurant's parking lot.
>> So we're in the parking lot of Creed's restaurant, very fine seafood establishment here in Upper Merion. But it's also known for the fact that three congressional districts all converge on this spot. This over here is the 6th Congressional District, held by Ryan Costello currently. Over there is the 7th District which is held by Pat Meehan.
And down that road is the 13th District, which is held by Brendon Boyle, all three of them converge here.>> While we were in the parking lot, the restaurant's proprietor came out to say hello.>> And so your parking lot is the meeting place of three congressional districts.
You're right now in the 13th, let's say. I'm in the 7th and he's in the 6th Congressional District.>> You can eat a crease and take a tour of three congressional districts.>> You can park at all different ones.>> That's it right there yeah.