FIRST AIRED: December 4, 2017

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>> Facebook rolled out a messenger kid app for children under 13 on Monday. The app allows the social media giant, which already has over two billion users, to expand into an untapped market. Facebook normally requires users to be at least 13 years old. The standalone app on children's devices can be controlled by a parent's Facebook account.
And kids can use video chat, send photos, videos, or text messages to friends approved by their parents. Reuters reporter Daniel Trotta.>> Facebook has been losing teenagers and young adults to other platforms like Snapchat. What this could possibly do is develop a brand loyal audience of preteens so that, once they turn 13, they'll stay with Facebook.
>> Social media for kids under 13 isn't new. There are already a handful of apps that children can use with parental consent, and kids can text others on cell phones. And fudging one's age gives kids access to most apps today. Facebook said research showed young children were already using technology on a regular basis but on apps built for teens and adults, raising concern for parents their children might be communicating with strangers.
>> Parents have realized that they can't keep their kids off of the devices, but they would like to have some type of parental control. Facebook spotted this as an obvious market. And they seized on it with this new messaging system that does give the parents total control.>> The new Messenger Kids is so far only available in the US on Apple products.
>> It allows the parents