FIRST AIRED: December 17, 2017

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Chinese cars on track to hit European and US roads with automakers Geely and GAC looking to push into western markets in 2019. Improvements in design, technology, and marketing have brought Chinese made cars a bigger share in their home market. And now gives them a better chance of survival internationally than ever before, as Reuters Adam Jordan explains.
>> Chinese car makers have typically fared pretty badly overseas. They've had a bad reputation in terms of quality and unlike Japanese or South Korean car makers they've generally struggled to export their models outside of China. What we're seeing now though is that they are getting more confident. They're more confident in their branding.
They're more confident in the way that they can market their cars. In terms of their expertise and their technology, they're really starting now to catch up with their rivals around Asia and globally.>> Geely owns Volvo cars and Lotus, and also makes London black cabs. The company has set its sights on selling cars in Europe in 2019 and the US a year later.
GAC may be beat it to the American market though eyeing entry in two years time. But with decades of overseas experience behind the likes of Ford, GM and Nissan and Toyota, it's going to be a bumpy road ahead.>> People still perceive China and Chinese cars as being lower quality.
And one of the huge challenges and the thing they have to get over is winning consumers around to thinking that hey, Chinese product is gonna be just as good quality and just as good value. And let's buy these instead a car brought in from Japan or Korea.>> As global car makers shake things up in terms of how they sell to consumers, Chinese brands will be looking to follow suit.
Geely plans to only sell green cars while looking to bypass the traditional dealer model and offering cars for rent through a subscription model similar to Netflix and Spotify.