FIRST AIRED: December 29, 2017

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I'm not quite a year after the tech industry %HESITATION programming good side of the bad side I'm Jonathan Weber on the global technology editor for writers two thousand seventeen is kind of a paradox on the one hand the technology industry from a business standpoint have your just a tremendous here I mean explosive growth part of large companies are Google Facebook damage on Microsoft apples are these companies really expanding their dominance showing extraordinary profits and growth but at the same time I can see is as confronted some some pretty serious at substantial questions one set of questions is really of whether these products are actually good for people good for the world we've seen are all of these abuses are faced with this winter and election manipulation and told them harassment they're not see propaganda and all these kinds of things , it was starting to question will wait a second needs to be spent most of the forces of good connected people now we use this kind of schools for evil and social structure and for one of that kind of means to the people who make those products the other thing that's been going on is the %HESITATION there's this sort of meta story about about sexual harassment and sex discrimination in the tech businesses that extremely male dominated business there's been a number of the individual cases are venture capitalists and executives being accused of harassment of different times and it's really kind of called into question some of the fundamentals of the culture there people joke about that broke culture of a lot of these companies that may be a radio ninety percent now but it's not really anymore are so I think we'll continue to see in the next year or two the sort of attention span are playing out the kind of social and and kind of cultural crisis a little bit around the industry wanted as Ross and and what its internal practices are and then on the other hand the continued explosive rose and grabbed her take on