FIRST AIRED: January 1, 2018

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17 saw the wave of Islamist militant attacks across Europe continue unabated, but the tactics of many of the perpetrators saw a drastic change. Reuter's Mike Holden is in the UK, one of the countries hit hardest.>> This is London Bridge, it's the scene of one of four deadly attacks in Britain this year.
Three men in a van drove down, running people down on the pavement, before attacking people down in the borough market area, where they were out in bars and restaurants. The old spectacular bombings, like there was in Manchester, which I was at, they still are going on. But you've also got this simple, crude, unsophisticated plot which involves just vehicles, people with knives.
Police themselves say they're gotta change how they deal with this, this new threat. The most acute threat they've faced with Islamist militants, whether it's physical changes, such as putting bollards on eight bridges across the River Thames. There's been a huge increase in the number of armed police that they have available.
They've changed the way they're deployed, and an inquiry into the Manchester bombing found that MI5, the Domestic Security Agency, could potentially have thwarted it, because the man who carried it out was someone who was known to them and someone whom they'd had warnings about. What police and security agencies will fear is that there will be more attacks like this.
There will be more copycats, people have seen how they do it. And as Islamic State loses its territory abroad, as it's driven out of Iraq, as it loses its strongholds in Syria, they are worried about what's gonna happen to all the fighters who have been out there. Are they gonna come back to Britain, to France, to Germany?
Where are they gonna go? What are they gonna do? The head of Britain's MI5 security agency, he's warned that Britain's facing the greatest threat its faced from Islamist militants. They've had to completely relook at how they deal with the threat that they're facing.