FIRST AIRED: December 14, 2017

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>> A doggy smart house is giving Brooklyn dog owners the option to include their pups in their day to day errands. Dog Parker is a tech savvy dog house equipped with an internet connection. That allows temperature control, auto sanitation and most importantly a puppy cam connected to the app.
That allows a dog owner to keep an eye on their pooch. North Carolina native Chelsea Brownridge, CEO of Dog Parker, came up with the idea. After her own frustration with keeping her dog Winston at home all the time.>> Because no dogs are allowed in those places it meant that he had to miss out on the walk.
Simply because he couldn't come into the store for a couple of minute. And I thought if there had to be a better way to incorporate him into my day to day life.>> Brooklyn resident, Shaiya Domer and her dog Cinnamon are regular users of Dog Parker.>> Now, when I go to the Grocery store which I do two to three times a week I can bring Cinnamon with me.
And that's a good 20 minute round trip walk for her and she can just chill there. She's very calm and everybody's waving, I see kids waving to her all the time while she's in there. And I just know that she is safe while I'm inside getting my groceries.
>> But not everyone agrees with Domer. Some dog-owners simply don't like the idea of leaving their companion unattended in a small locked space. Regardless, Dog Parker plans to expand to other neighborhoods in New York and the cities across the country in 2018. Charging $0.30 a minute to park a pooch.
There are currently 45 Dog Parkers around Brooklyn.