FIRST AIRED: December 13, 2017

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>> British Prime Minister Theresa May has suffered a damaging blow to her plans for leaving the European Union.>>
At the hands of UK lawmakers. Parliament voted on Wednesday to change her blueprint for Brexit, so that it gets more say in any final deal. Brexit's deep divisions in British politics showing in a tight vote.
>> The ayes to the right 309, the NOs to the left 305.>>
Politicians have been debating the detail of an EU withdrawal bill for seven days and voting on any potential amendments. Wednesday's amendment was put forward by a member of Mays' own party, former Attorney General Dominic Grieve.
>> To implement something that we do not present know what it is.>> The amendment gives parliament the power to approve or reject the government's final Brexit deal by passing a separate written law. That means May could get sent back to the EU negotiating table if lawmakers are not happy with the terms of withdrawal.
May occupies a precarious position, having sacrificed her majority in a snap election in June. She had earlier promised to give Parliament various votes on the final deal in a bid to quash any rebellion. And also warned that voting for this amendment could endanger an orderly and smooth exit from the EU.
But that carrot and stick approach was not enough. The vote showing May's weakened authority over her own lawmakers, some of whom have rebelled against her. A spokeswoman said the government was disappointed with the result. And it also comes at a difficult time. May heads to Brussels on Thursday to try and encourage the European Bloc's other 27 leaders to start a discussion on future trade.
Her arrival then now overshadowed by a cloud of defeat.