FIRST AIRED: December 13, 2017

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I'm a supporter of Doug Jones. I was not very hopeful, this is a very Republican state. So when the early returns started coming in and Moore was ahead I was at a watch party for Jones. I left, went to get food, went to a bar, and just occasionally would check in on my phone.
I just recently saw that Doug Jones just pulled off an upset win in Alabama, and I am absolutely ecstatic right now.>> I think they've destroyed a good man, so I'm feeling bad for Roy Moore. Because Roy Moore was a good Christian person, and I believe he would have been a great senator.
So feeling upset for Roy Moore, absolutely. Feeling hurt for Roy Moore, absolutely. Feeling hurt for our country, absolutely.>> Think back to the previous step in this election, right? Donald Trump supported Roy Moore's opponent in the primary, Lucas Strange, he lost. Then Trump switched to Roy Moore, he lost.
If Trump is losing in his deepest of red states, in his Republican states, then the swing states, the blue states, this should send an ominous warning to Mr. Donald Trump. This is not your country.>> We understand that we, the American public, voted for Donald Trump. He won, he won his election and now his agenda is being block fully by Mitch McConnell.
We understand that, we're not fooled by that. I mean, now they're playing with our elections to make sure that president's agenda, and, by the way, when they attack the president's agenda what they're doing is they're attacking the American people. We chose Donald Trump to be our President, to be our leader and they're basically attacking the American public.
Does that make sense?.mmm