FIRST AIRED: December 7, 2017

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>> stop it alright?
It hurt really bad, it burned.>> Martini Smith was 20 years old and pregnant.>> My God!>> She survived the taser shot, but miscarried and lost her baby.>> I'm going to have a seizure!>> Smith was booked into the Franklin County Jail in Columbus, Ohio in 2009.
e and other inmates filed a lawsuit claiming guards at the jail used their tasers in a callous and sadistic manner.>> Stand up dude, or I'm gonna
]>> Some were impaired by drugs or alcohol. One man was deaf.>> Did that soften him up?>> Yeah.>> The sheriff's office said each incident was a justified use of force and denied all wrong doing.
can't->> These videos, some of which have never been seen before, illustrate the claim.
>> Now sit down!>> Inmates who were stunned for not following commands.>>
>> I was asleep.>> The US Justice Department intervened on behalf of the inmates and the county agreed to settle. Smith was paid $27,500. Her case is one of hundreds cited by Reuters of alleged taser misuse in U.S. jails.>> We found more then a hundred cases of people who were stunned and died in jail.
In the vast majority of these cases the person was already immobilized at the time they were stunned. That means that the threat that they posed to the guard or another inmate had been neutralized.>> Axon, a weapons manufacturer, says tasers are an effective tool for jail and prison guards, who typically do not carry guns.
>> Stop kicking!>> In Franklin County, Ohio, officials declined to comment on the incidents of alleged taser misuse. After settling the lawsuit in 2011, the county prohibited guards from using tasers on prisoners who posed no reasonable threat or those not resisting with physical force.>> I told you not to stand, you didn't understand, did you?