FIRST AIRED: June 12, 2018

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>> British Prime Minister Theresa May faces a showdown in Parliament this week with lawmakers who want more power to challenge an eventual Brexit deal. It will test both her authority and her plans for leaving the European Union. Reuters Andrew MacAskill says it's a key week for Brexit.>> We're gonna see in parliament a battle between the pro-European members of parliament and the euro-skeptic members of parliament.
And by the end of it we should have a much clearer idea about what Brexit will look like and the governments policy. And this is also a key because it's a battle between the House of Commons, which is elected, versus the unelected House of Lords. And there's been a lot of unhappiness about the House of Lords, which is unelected, which is seen as much more pro European, and this has angered the government and a large number of members of parliament.
>> The Lords made 15 major changes to May's Brexit blueprint, including a requirement for a meaningful vote when she comes back with the end deal. The changes likely to be supported by some of May's own lawmakers. Late Monday she made a last ditch appeal to Conservative MPs at a closed door meeting, saying the Lords amendments would undermine her ability to negotiate a deal.
The other contentious vote will be on the customs union.>> With some pro European MPs wanting us to be closely aligned with the EU and more euro-skeptic MP's hopeful that we can be able to break away and strike our own independant trade deals after Brexit.>> If May is defeated in the Commons, it will be yet another blow for a prime minister, whose authority has been challenged several times since she lost her majority in last year's election.