FIRST AIRED: June 5, 2018

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Apple, on Monday, revealed several new innovations at its 2018 Worldwide Developer's Conference, including group face time,>> Up to 32 simultaneous participants>> Me emojis>> I can, of course, select my eye color>> Even Tounge Detection>> Now, you can make your favorite animal emoji do this.
All features, Apple hopes, will keep iPhone users engaged. But there were a few new features meant to limit your engagement.>> To help you limit distraction, focus and understand how you're spending your time. Device addiction has become a national concern after former Facebook employees and other tech leaders raised a fuss over how much time children and all of us spend on our devices.
And some activist shareholders are calling on Apple to lead the charge on reducing screen time. Reuters Apple correspondent Steven Nella shot this on his iPhone.>> Apple's faced criticism over how much time people spend with their iPhones glued to their hands, staring down into it. So one thing the company decided to do was create new tracking tools so that you can tell, how much time am I spending on social networking?
How much time am I spending on productivity tasks versus personal tasks? They're also gonna let you control that, for your children, by using things called allowances. So this is a system where you can allow a child to spend so much time in a certain app or you can block another app altogether.
>> Apple shares climbed higher during the conference, providing the biggest boost to US stocks on Monday. The iPhone maker was valued at roughly $940 billion as of Monday's close.>> The world's largest->> Inching its way toward becoming the first publicly listed company worth $1 trillion.>> On behalf of everyone at Apple, thank you.