FIRST AIRED: June 16, 2018

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>> 34 year old Holly Davis was sentenced to 25 years in prison Friday, for fatally shooting an Arizona State University student from China, after a car crash in Tempe Arizona in 2016. Family members of 19-year-old ASU Student, Yue Jiang, traveled from China and pleaded with the judge to keep the original first degree murder charge.
>> Our family was waiting for the monster to pay the price she deserved for the inhuman crimes committed. No matter how much you dress up yourself like a human, the inhuman acts you did with Kris life will not disappear.>> But in the end the judge honored the plea deal between the prosecutor and Davis' attorney to lessen the charge to second degree murder.
>> I take full responsibility for my actions and will live with this every day of my life. I am so sorry to all those involved and affected by this tragedy. If I could change it I would, if I could bring her back I would, if I could take her please I would.
>> I don't find you are a monster but what you did was monstrous.>> In January 2016 Davis re-rented her Volkswagen Passat into Jeong's Mercedes stopped at a red light on a Saturday afternoon. Davis then walked up to Jeong's car and shot her several times. Davis fled the scene but was later apprehended at an apartment in Mesa, Arizona.
Authorities say they found a note in Davis's car indicating that she was quote, planning to engage in violence, and that she suffered from depression and drug addiction.