FIRST AIRED: June 8, 2018

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>> His hardline rhetoric nearly blew up next weeks summit between President Donald Trump and North Korea's Kim Jong-un. And now John Bolton, Trump's hawkish national security advisor has been pushed into the backseat for the historic talks in Singapore. Reporter Matt Spetalnick has the story.>> We've learned that Bolton was not being frozen out of the process entirely by the president.
But both will now play a lesser role while Secretary of State Pompeo will be the lead negotiator.>> We're looking forward to being in Singapore.>> The main reason is that President Trump was furious when Bolton, in mid May, advocated that North Korea follow the Libya model for denuclearization.
>> That idea did not go over well in Pyongyang. Libya's Muammar Gaddafi, pressured by the United States, gave up his nuclear aims without a fight in 2003. But eight years later, he was toppled by NATO backed rebels and summarily killed. North Korea's outrage over Bolton's Libya comparison led to Trump cancelling the summit, only to reverse himself a week later after meeting a top North Korean official at the White House with Bolton conspicuously absent from the room.
>> Bolton has, as we've been told, taken the hint and realized that he has to take a lower profile.>> Bolton has, in the past, advocated regime change in North Korea and Pyongyang once referred to him as human scum. But Spetalnick says, he will still have a key role to play in Singapore.
One very well connected Korea watcher told us if the negotiations do go sour at some point, Trump will be able to point to Bolton in the background. And make clear that unless North Korea is willing to make concessions. There is a tougher approach that could be taken with them, Bolton being the main proponent of that.
>> Now, Trump may have to worry about loose words from another close advisor, his attorney, former New York Mayor Rudy Giuliani. Speaking at a conference in Israel, Giuliani said Kim Jong-un had begged for the summit to be reinstated.>> Kim Jong-un got back on his and knees and begged for it.
Which is exactly the position you wanna put him in.>> Rudy doesn't speak for the administration when it comes to this negotiation and this set of issues.