FIRST AIRED: June 15, 2018

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>> It's going great. We had a really fantastic meeting.>> For the world, it was an unexpected summit between two unlikely leaders.>>
On Thursday, North Korean state media released their version of what happened at the summit, revealing a stunningly different tone on the US and Donald Trump who just months ago, they had labelled a dough tart They say, it's a new era.>> I'm Reuters' Gracey in Singapore where North Korean reporters were able to capture the most intimate moments of Kim Jong-un summit trip.
For the past few days, they were seen always within close range of their leader and even allowed access to some places where many other cameras including our own were not allowed. In many ways, they were able to get a better inside look of the summit than any other foreign media.
Experts warned that North Korea got exactly what it wanted, a win for Kim Jong-un on camera and a massive boost in their propaganda. For the first time, the people cheering for Kim on their screens weren't North Korean. Pyeongchang's reporters were quick to capture footage of locals and foreigners clamoring for a glimpse of their leader.
But there was a different and new kind of propaganda as well. Beauty shoots of Singapore seen throughout their coverage showcasing one of the few remaining wealthy nations with ties to North Korea. As Kim Jong-un continues to push for economic developments in the North, this could be a preview for his own people as to what this new era could bring to them.
The day after the summit, the country state media hailed the meeting as a success. And Ri Chun-hee, North Korea's infamous news reader gushed about pioneering a new history. But like the summit, that new history may looked like very different things for North Korea and with the rest of the world.