FIRST AIRED: June 4, 2018

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>> I know, I truly know what it means to have a place to stay and to go from being comfortable, let's say having a car to losing it because you can't pay your rent.>> Jay Holoman lives in Stockton, California, a city east of San Francisco, plagued by a lack of jobs and low wages.
But the Mayor of Stockton has a radical plan to combat poverty. Give it's poorest residents $500 a month and see what they do with it. Michael Tobbs is spearheading the first of its kind project in the US which is part of an 18 month experiment funded by the Economic Security Project.
>> So we talked about things economic and security or people working harder and harder only to fall further and further behind. I felt almost a moral responsibility to do something>> The issue of poverty is personal for Tobbs, growing up in Stockton where one in four residents live in poverty his family relied on government assistance to get by.
>> My mom was on welfare for the first five six years of my life and you get food stamps. But that's not cash and maybe food is the biggest need. We can go over family member's house to eat.>> The Economic Security Project co-led by Facebook co-founder Chris Hughes is giving a million dollars to fund the Stockton experiment which will stand up in 2019.
The idea of government providing a universal basic income has been gaining global attraction, the finish government running a two year trial on a program that gives 2,000 unemployed people $660 a month.