FIRST AIRED: June 13, 2018

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>> 24 hours after AT&Ts mega purchase of Time Warner received the green light from the courts, there's another blockbuster media deal in the works. Comcast, Wednesday officially put a $65 billion offer on the table for parts of the 21st Century Fox media empire that are up for sale.
The all cash offered tops, the $52 billion all stock proposal already made by Walt Disney. This is Comcast's second try for Fox's movie and TV studios which it wants to get its hands on really bad, says Reuters correspondent Liana Baker.>> Comcast definitely came in high, a lot higher than some investors were expecting.
Comcast is a huge consolidator, they wanna bulk up, NBC Universal, they want more content, and they wanna better compete with Internet rivals like Netflix and Amazon, they see a long fight on the horizon.>> Comcast, clearly emboldened by the belief that the AT&T Time Warner victory over the Justice Department's effort to block that deal has ushered in a new era of head turning consolidation in the media world.
But Comcast may be miscalculating the regulatory opposition to its deal making.>> Comcast already owns NBC Universal, which competes head to head with some of these Fox assets. So regulators will have to assess if that's too much competition in one market. So it's a little different from the AT&T, Time Warner merger.
So just because that was blessed it doesn't mean this will be.>> And this deal doesn't just face regulatory hurdles. 21st century Fox owner Rupert Murdoch has to sign off on the offer and with Comcast all cast proposal carrying a huge tax bill for the actor generate media mogul Murdoch still may find Disney's lower all stock proposal better suited for his wallet.