FIRST AIRED: June 14, 2018

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>> Attention iPhone users, your device is about to get a lot tougher to crack. Apple on Wednesday said the next version of its iPhone operating system will undercut the most popular way for police to break into iPhones. Reuters Cybersecurity correspondent, Joseph Menn explains. As soon as the next iOS update hits, it's gonna to be a lot harder for law enforcement to break into your iPhone.
And the technique that'd been used against the Apple iPhones went in through the USB port. A number of companies had figured out very effective ways to suck all kinds of personal Information off of iPhones through the USB port, even if they couldn't unlock the phones. And Apple's cutting that off.
Basically, what they did is they changed the defaults so that instead of being able to access through the USB port within a week after paying the device, now they only have an hour since it's last been unlocked. Apple told Reuters it was aiming to protect all customers, especially in countries where phones are readily obtained by police or by criminals with extensive resources, and not to thumb its nose at law enforcement.
There's obviously been a long-running tension between Apple and various governments around the world. Governments want access to everything that their citizens are doing and many of the tech companies, especially Apple, have been resisting that. This is Apple saying, we're gonna fight you on this one as well. And it sort of feeds into the continuing debate, yet another push for mandated back doors to, potentially, congressional legislation.
In 2016, candidate Donald Trump called for a boycott of Apple products until it agreed to help the U.S government unlock the phone of one of the killers in the mass shooting in San Bernardino, California.>> What I think you ought to do is boycott Apple until such time as they give that security number.
How do you like, I just thought of, Boycott Apple.>> Apple went to court to fight an order that it unlocked the phone. The FBI ultimately found a contractor that broke into it without Apple's cooperation.