FIRST AIRED: June 5, 2018

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>> Meet Kim and Trump. They're already in Singapore, in spirit anyway, and they're proving a hit with locals. It's diplomacy with a twist here at Escobar. A gastropub located in the host city for next week's historic meet between Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un. Equal parts state craft, equal parts alcohol, the bars latest offerings have been inspired by the unique character of each of these world leaders.
Trump's A Blue American Bourbon based concoction.>> Because bourbon is from Kentucky and he's part of America and is>> Kim on the other hand has a base that's loaded with Soju. That's a popular Korean liquor distilled from rice or sweet potato, and like the relations between the two countries, the alcohol's also on the rocks.
If that wasn't enough for references, the drinks a prize at 12 Singaporean dollars and 60 cents. A nod to the actual date of the summit on the 12th of June. The idea has already stirred up quite a following in Singapore, and business is booming. Just ask Escobar director Stan Sri Ganesh.
>> Customers who come usually order both of it, just to try both of it.>> Trump and Kim's popularity could soon make them permanent additions to the menu. So at least for now, both both men can know they've made their mark on history, even if it's just for the clientele of one Singapore watering hole.