FIRST AIRED: June 6, 2018

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>> Democrats avoid a nightmare scenario in the battle to control Congress after California's primary elections and look likely to maintain their hold on the governor's mansion as well. I'm Andy Sullivan in San Fransisco, where supporters of Democrat Gavin Newsom are celebrating. He's coming out of the primary as a clear frontrunner for governor.
Democrats are also popping the champagne elsewhere in the state. California is central to their hopes for winning control of the House of Representatives and their getting good news on that front as well.>> Thanks to you, the halftime score is looking very promising and the home team is winning big.
>> Democrats averting disaster in several congressional races, their leading candidates likely to secure enough votes to advance to the general election. Not the lockout scenario they had feared under California's jungle primary, which sends the top two vote getters to the November ballot, even if they're from the same party.
Democrats had worried they would come up short if their candidates splintered the vote. Democrats like Harley Rouda now in a strong position to win Republican-held seats in Orange County in the fall. Elsewhere in the state, Republican incumbents like Jeff Denham failing to crack 50% of the vote. They'll have to fight hard to keep their seats.
But Republicans also have a reason to celebrate, they avoided a lockout in the governor's race. Their candidate, John Cox, will face Newsom in the fall, lifted by President Donald Trump's endorsement.>> Hello, California. Are we ready for a Republican governor?>>
>> Republicans likely falling short in the race for US Senate.
Incumbent Democrat Diane Feinstein looks to face another Democrat, state Senator Kevin de Leon. And in an unusual recall election, voters threw Judge Aaron Persky out of office. He faced a national backlash after handing out what many saw as a slap on the wrist to Brock Turner, the former Stanford University athlete found guilty of sexual assault.