FIRST AIRED: June 6, 2018

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]>> Devastating fires in Israel, started by an unlikely new attacker. Cheap homemade children's toys flown over the border from the Gaza Strip.>> This is the latest weapon in the Palestinian's asymmetrical struggle against Israel. A child's kite fashioned out of materials that I imagine cost no more than a couple of dollars.
Hundreds of these have been used in recent weeks to fly incendiary materials over the border from the Gaza Strip into Israel.>> Reuters, Dan Williams is in just one area that firefighters couldn't save. Charred forests, farmland, and nature reserves have already drummed up $2.5 million of damage. Dangling coal embers all burning rags are attached to the kites.
Palestinians making them say, the idea is effective and incredibly simple.>> Israel is weathered to hostility from the Gaza Strip, a Palestinian enclave that's controlled by Hamas Islamist. But it seems that the very simplicity of these kites, for example, the plastic sheeting, which is transparent here and used to evade spotters because it's kind of hard to spot this in the sky.
Its very simplicity that seems to have been vexing the Israelis. They really haven't developed a reliable method for dealing with this other than containing the arson as much as possible after it begins.
But the Israeli army has it's own simple counter attack. Civilian drone owners and enthusiasts are being recruited to fly their toy drones, bashing of cutting kites out of the sky.
They're also fitting larger drones with blades to slash kite strings in mid air. But the army says that this plan has its limits, and that they'll, quote, probably have to end up shooting kite flyers, too.