FIRST AIRED: June 7, 2018

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>> To those who serve our nation, you must never be denied care, access, or treatment that they need.>> President Donald Trump on Wednesday signed a bi-partisan bill aimed at expanding US veterans' access to private sector healthcare.>> It's less expensive for us. It works out much better.
And it's immediate care.>> The bill called the VA Mission Act was passed by the Senate in a 92-5 vote in May. But the law doesn't provide federal funding for the new health programs estimated to cost $50 billion. And now a fight is brewing with Democrats saying the White House is blocking their efforts to fund the program.
>> But this takes->> House minority leader, Nancy Peloci, said Trump's new bill, quote, lacks a sustainable source of funding.>> Now then->> And Senator Patrick Leahy said that, quote, signing a bill and then opposing the resources to fund it is no different than writing a rubber check.
White House officials have quietly pushed back on lawmakers' efforts to amend the bill. A memo obtained by Politico signals that instead of building adequate funds into the bill, the administration instead wants to cover costs by cutting back elsewhere.>> Thousands of people are dying, waiting in line to see a doctor.
That is not gonna happen anymore.>> Since his days on the campaign trail President Trump has promised to support veterans, fix the VA system, and continue making it one of the top priorities of his administration. \epublicans are also facing pressure to slash government spending. Last year's tax overhaul is expected to increase the deficit by over $1 trillion by 2020.