FIRST AIRED: June 13, 2018

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>> For over 27 years Greece and Macedonia have battled over the latter's name. Now, the neighbors have reached an historic accord to resolve the dispute. Macedonia has agreed to change its constitution and rename itself The Republic of North Macedonia. The change paves the way for it to become a member of the European Union and NATO.
But both countries parliaments still need to ratify the deal and Macedonians will vote in a referendum. Reuters correspondent in Athens, Renee Maltezou, says Greek approval is no dumb deal.>> Ally has openly said that he will not support a deal which includes the term Macedonia. And the leftist leader will need to seek support from other parties, opposition parties which seems to be, it's quite unlikely that he will gain support as it seems so far but you never know.
In the mean time protesters are gathering for rallies against the deal.>> Ever since the small Balkan state broke away from Yugoslavia in 1991 its name has soured relations between the pair. Greece has it's own territory called Macedonia. And since the name implies a territorial claim over Greek land, the case also angers Greeks who consider the ancient kingdom of Macedonia ruled over by Alexander the Great to be an integral part of their heritage.
If the new name does get other required support it's expected to clear the path for Macedonia to become a member of the EU and NATO. Something Greece had always vetoed. Both leaders have put their political careers at stake over the deal.>> For Tsipras it means that he will have somehow won over his predecessors.
He will have managed to solve an issue which hasn't been solved for decades. And for his own it means that he will have done the impossible. He will have probably brought his country to the European Union.>> The EU has welcomed the news confirming, if approved, it will open the way for Macedonia's eventual membership.