FIRST AIRED: June 7, 2018

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e next time you see the Premier League trophy winning game, it could be courtesy of Amazon. UK soccer fans will now be able to view their team's play online for the first time. Amazon has won the rights to broadcast 20 games from English soccer's top league.
The deal is set for 2019 and marks a transformation into the digital market. Netting its Prime Video online streaming service, a foothold in the most-watched sports league in the world. Reuters' Paul Sanders says digital platforms are increasingly competing with traditional sports broadcasters.>> Amazon has been gradually moving into live sports rights.
It has some tennis, it has some US football rights. But this is the first time it will have access to Premier League soccer, which is the most valuable league in the world. It's quite a low number of matches, it's quite a limited risk for them. But it gives chance for Prime Video subscribers to see some soccer, for the first time.
>> But and the Premier League did not discuss the numbers involved. The other unsold package of 20 games was bought by BT Sport for $121 million. Meaning it has spent over $1.3 billion for 52 games this season in total. And Sky will continue to show the most games.
The broadcaster outbid rivals for the rights to televise the Premier League almost a decade ago and revolutionize the fortunes of the TV service. To watch games on Amazon, you would need a $106 year subscription, an extra fee for soccer fans.>> The downside is for consumers who will have to now subscribe to Sky which has the bulk of matches, as it has for a long time.
It's the go-to place for Primer League Soccer. Also, BT has a substantial number of matches itself. It was shared between those two operators to date.>> But this is a third operator, an additional subscription for viewers who only watch a small number of games. But if they wanna watch all on their team, they're gonna have to subscribe to every package.
>> The so-called beach ball game might've just become a bit more complicated for soccer fans to follow.