FIRST AIRED: June 17, 2018

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>> Legal authorization to come and visit them and yet this primary running facility, a corporation that make money by warehousing men, has disallow us to come here and they called the local police department.>> A fiery exchange at the Elizabeth Contract Detention Facility in New Jersey Sunday as members of Congress made a surprise inspection.
The group of Democratic lawmakers joined immigration rights activists to visit with detainees seeking asylum and protest US President Donald Trumps zero tolerance immigration policy.>> These people came here because they were being they have scenes of murder, torture. They were being persecuted and they came with their kids, this is Father's Day.
They came with their kids because they wanted to protect their kids.>> We have heard children being physically pulled from the arms of their parents, nursing babes being separated from their mothers, children with disabilities being taken from their parents. And most recently, a distraught father choosing to take his own life rather than live apart from his children.
These are the misdeeds of an administration speaking in our name that appears to lack a moral compass.>> Stop zero tolerance!>> 2,000 miles away demonstrators held a Father's Day vigil in support of the children being held without their parents in a McAllen, Texas immigration facility. Border Patrol Chief for the Rio Grande Valley, Manuel Padilla Jr defended the strict new policy, saying his agency is working toward a goal of 100% prosecution.
>> If we do not do anything, ie, zero tolerance, or start prosecuting, detaining, and removing people, this trend line will continue until it reaches a crisis point again.>> Padilla said his sector, one of nine located along the United States Southwest Border, has separated 1,174 children from their families since the zero tolerance policy went into effect last month.
Of those children, 463 were reunited with their families While 711 went into the Care of Health and Human Services.