FIRST AIRED: June 8, 2018

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>> The G7 talks kicking off in Quebec with sky high tensions between the US and the world's economic powers.>> Canada, Mexico, the European Union.>> Before arriving Friday, US President, Donald Trump spent the previous day publicly feuding with two of his closest allies. President Emmanuel Macron of France and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau of Canada and ended the day pledging to leave the summit early.
At issue, trade.>> We're going to deal with the unfair trade practices.>> Trump has criticized Canada and the European Union for supposedly taking advantage of the US in trade deals. And allies are starting to hit back. Steve Holland is in Quebec City following the story.>> It's unusual to have an American president who is picking fights with some of the closest allies.
It's made him isolated at the G7 summit. In fact, some are calling it the G6 plus one, the one being President Trump. It's not helping him on the world stage. Remember, he is pursuing and America-first agenda. This is something he laid out from his very first day in office.
It means the United States is out front on every issues. And there are just a long line of grievances he has with some of our greatest allies around the world.>> Add to that Trump suggestion Friday that Russia should be allowed back into the yearly summits. Which it has been kept out of since annexing the Crimea Peninsula from Ukraine in 2014.
Macron and Trudeau have not backed down from Trump's Twitter taunts. The French president tweeting, quote, the six other G7 countries combined form a larger market than the American market. This must not be forgotten. All that is leaving many expecting an icy atmosphere in the conference room when the top leaders all sit down.
And that could create problems for Trump down the line.>> He's determined to promote American products around the world. But it means that he's isolating himself from some very close friends who would be willing to help him on matters like North Korea, Iran, Syria. It's making it more difficult for him to have proper coordination on some of these other issues because everyone's upset with him about trade.
>> Trump will leave the summit about four hours early to fly to Singapore for his meeting with North Korea's Kim Jung Un.