FIRST AIRED: June 10, 2018

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>> I'm Reuters' Grace Lee, just outside the St. Regis hotel, where Chairman Kim Jong Un is likely winding down after a long first day here in Singapore. His arrival this afternoon was highly anticipated. There were people lining these streets, just hoping to get a glimpse of the Chairman.
It was actually a very interesting day in regards to the North Koreans. North Korean state media were here trying to catch the best angle of their Chairman as he passed by. And of course, security. North Korean security guards were everywhere, with their black suits and ear pieces, and when tourist try to take photos of Kim Jong Un, they would stop them and take their phones away, and delete those photos.
Later on, we tried to ask the North Koreans why they did this and they simply replied of course you can't take photos of the Chairman, how dare you. So that´s giving us some insight as to how the North Koreans are going to behave while they´re here. But as soon as Kim Jong Un had got into the hotel he had to turn right back around to attend his meeting with the Singaporean Prime Minister, where he thanked the Prime Minister for hosting the summit.
Meanwhile US President Donald Trump touched down in Singapore late in the evening, kind of just arriving as Kim Jong Un called it a day. Of course all of this is building anticipation for that big meeting between Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un on Tuesday, the first ever summit between a sitting US President, and a North Korean leader.