FIRST AIRED: June 5, 2018

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>> Republicans in California are on the ropes bracing for a possible shut out at the top of the ticket in primary elections on Tuesday.>> I'm Andy Sullivan in San Francisco, perhaps the most liberal city in the state where Republicans have been pushed to the margins. Tuesday could bring more bad news due to the State's crocky election rules, Republicans could end up without a candidate for Senator or Governor in the follow elections.
And that could cause trouble for other GOP candidates around the State.>> In most states, the primary election narrows down the field to one Democrat, and one Republican. But in Califonia, so called jungle primary, it's the top two vote getters in any given race who face each other in November, even if they're from the same party.
That means the incumbent Democratic Senator, Dianne Feinstein, could face Democratic State Senator, Kevin De Leon, rather than a Republican. Republicans may be shut out in the Governor's race as well. GOP businessman John Cox has President Trump's endorsement, but he may wind up in third place. That would be two Democrats, former San Fransisco Mayor Gavin Newsom, and former Los Angeles Mayor Antonia Villaraigosa, to battle it out in the fall.
Without Republican candidates at the top of the ticket, conservative voters may not show up on election day. That could hurt Republican candidates in closely fought congressional races around the State. Making it harder to retain control of the House of Representatives. Republicans now account for just one in four of the State's registered voters, and the party here is divided on issues like illegal immigration.
Cox backing a crackdown, others like Congressman Jeff Denham trying to protect the young immigrants known as dreamers, as he appeals to a diverse population.>> And that means Making sure that we've got a secure border, and also having a permanent fix for dreamers.>> Democrats say their voters are more energized than ever, but they've got problems of their own.
They could get shut out of a few Congressional races if too many of their candidates end up splintering the vote. Still, it's looking more likely that Tuesday's primary will cement their dominant position in the most populous State in the union.