FIRST AIRED: June 4, 2018

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>> That is a huge, huge
]>> Three people trapped by lava in Hawaii were airlifted to safety this weekend. It's the latest in a string of evacuations as the Kilauea volcano continues to erupt. The two men and a woman were stranded in the community of Kapoho after a stream of lava as wide as three football fields blocked a nearby highway.
About a dozen people are still there, although officials say they're not in immediate danger.>> As of now, there's nobody whose life is threatened that we know, health or lava. So, we don't have to rush anything.>> Kilauea's crater has fallen quiet over the past few days, but lava continues to spew from Fishers that the eastern foot of the volcano.
Reporter Terry Silvester says the biggest of this is in the hard hit Leilani estates.>> The fountain is flinging lava high into the air where it's cooling and hardening and then coming back to earth. Some of these falling chunks are about the size of a baseball, but many are much smaller just pebble size or golf ball size
>> They're light, and formy, fragile, and crispy. When you walk through them they crunch under your feet. The streets near the lava fountain in Leilani Estates are also covered with strands of glass. People who were here on the big island call it Pele's Hair named after the goddess of volcanoes here on the Hawaiian Islands.
As you might expect, when there are shards of glass floating in the air, it's not a safe place to be. So most people in the area here, scientists and first responders, police and national guard soldiers, they wear respirator masks and I've been doing the same.>> Scientists say the volcano's vent is now plugged with tons of rubble shaken lose from inside the crater.
But they're not sure whether this blockage will end eruptions or lead to a build up of pressure that could cause massive explosions.