FIRST AIRED: September 9, 2016

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>> North Korea's massive nuclear test sparking global outrage Friday. But also angst over whether its strongest detonation yet will lead to any more than the usual head shakes, platitudes, and ineffective sanctions. But the early signs hinting this time could be different. President Obama vowing serious consequences and saying in a statement, the United States does not, and never will, accept North Korea as a nuclear state.
Obama also repeating his call to install a missile defense system in South Korea known as THAAD. Yeganeh Torbati says, Obama and South Korea agreed to deploy the THAAD system last summer over China's objections.>> This was in response to increasing sophistication in the North Korean nuclear program, accelerated pace of testing of that program and greater capabilities and really the concern that North Korea could threaten South Korea with a nuclear missile.
And so the US and South Korea decided to finally deploy the THAAD to South Korea. This raised concerns in China because what the Chinese say is that the radar system on the THAAD can track their own military movements. The US and South Korea say that this is not aimed at China, it's really aimed purely at self-defense of South Korea from North Korea and they're not gonna be using it to spy on the Chinese.
>> In Congress, Ed Royce, influential Chair of the House Foreign Relations Committee, calling for a strong and swift response including sanctions on Chinese Banks he says actively support the government of Kim Jong-un. The test, just the latest in a series of worrying moves including missile tests. Pyongyang saying it now has the power to answer any action against it with nuclear tipped missiles.