FIRST AIRED: September 1, 2016

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e ranks of Donald Trump's few defenders in the Hispanic community shrinking Thursday after his incendiary immigration speech in Phoenix.>> Don't worry, we're gonna build that wall, that wall will go up.>> Reuters election correspondent Amanda Becker.>> Donald Trump faced some blowback on Thursday for his Wednesday night speech on immigration.
A lot of his supporters, including his Latino supporters, were expecting to see a softening or a moderating in his message. He says that his speech accomplished that, but some of his Latino supporters heard a very different speech from the one Donald Trump says he delivered.>> Alfonso Aguilar, head of the Latino Conservative Advocacy Group and one of the few prominent Hispanics who had actively pushed for Trump, cutting ties on CNN on Thursday, saying he felt disappointed and misled.
>> For the last two months, he said he was not going to deport people without criminal records, Arguilar said. He actually said he was going to treat undocumented immigrants without criminal records in a humane and compassionate way.>> On Wednesday, Trump said if he is elected, all undocumented people in the US would be subject to deportation with a priority on what he called criminal aliens.
>> Zero tolerance for criminal aliens. Zero.>> Trump also losing support from Texas attorney and advisor Jacob Monty, who said he had hoped the New York developer was moving toward a reasonable pro-business immigration plan in recent weeks. But no more.>> It was just a couple weeks ago, that Trump formed a Hispanic advisory council and it was this grand photo op at Trump Tower in New York City.
A little over 20 people who he said were gonna be advising him on Hispanic issues. Several of those people have resigned on Thursday, saying they could no longer support him, and no longer work with his campaign. Even though, they don't go as far as saying they're going to support Hillary Clinton.
>> Hispanic voters projected to make up 12% of the electorate this year, and polls show a large majority opposing Trump and the lost support of key leaders making the outreach he needs that much harder.