FIRST AIRED: September 6, 2016

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>> Thank you. Thank you, so much
].>> The woman called the founding mother of the modern American conservative movement has died. Phyllis Schlafly began as a crusading anticommunist who later fought to reverse the social upheavals of the 1960s. Creating a grassroots populist movement for women who managed to defeat the Equal Rights Amendment to the US constitution.
She called feminists, quote, a bunch of bitter women seeking a constitutional cure for their personal problems. And insisting, quote, women find their greatest fulfillment at home with their family.>> And I'm still hopeful that the Republican Party will take a strong position against partial birth abortion.>> Schlafly married rich, liberating her to campaign for what she called family values.
She's praised for planting the conservative seeds that would flower into the Reagan revolution of the 1980s. Her strident stance against gay marriage, abortion, and illegal immigrants unchanging while even many in the conservative movement moved on. Her coif, her pearls, and her poise made her a permanent fixture at right wing political gatherings.
Here she is in March with the presidential candidate she endorsed. Schlafly was 92 years old.