FIRST AIRED: September 7, 2016

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>> A resounding shrug in China in the run up to iPhone 7. Apple's latest smartphone is set to be unveiled on Thursday, something that usually generates a lot of online buzz in one of the company's biggest markets. But as Adam Jordan reports from Shanghai, this year, things are different.
>> Looking at online chatter on platforms like Weibo here in China. And what that showed was that the amount of posts about the iPhone 7 in the run up to the launch is way down compared to the iPhone 6 in 2014. And what that suggests is that while sales here may very well be strong, it's unlikely to get anywhere near the huge strength of the iPhone 6 which really propelled sales for the Apple here last year and made China one of its biggest growth drivers.
>> To put things into perspective, the search term, Tom Hiddleston, Taylor Swift breakup is currently trending way higher than iPhone 7 on Chinese social media. Just hours before Tim Cook takes the stage in California. Some Chinese are skeptical that the new phone won't be vastly different from the iPhone 6.
There's also the ever-growing issue of local competition.>> Apple is also facing a rising challenge from lower end, local rivals names like Oppo, or Vivo, or Huawei. Who are increasingly behind popular. And I've actually pushed Apple down the rankings of market share to number five. The issue is that Apple is not as competing with its own older brands but also having to make sure the consumers don't decide, hey, I'm gonna spend a little bit less and I'm gonna move over to a more affordable local brand.
>> Many analysts are already calling the new iPhone a wash in China. One estimating a 20% drop in sales in shipments for the second half for the year.