FIRST AIRED: September 7, 2016

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>> After violent protests over the weekend, the Dakota Access Pipeline Company agreeing to halt construction but only until Friday on what Native American tribes say is an ancient burial ground.>> The judge got the parties to agree to a limited temporary restraining order protecting the land between Route 1806 and Lake Oahe, and that's a good thing.
That's important land, and there won't be any construction this week on that land.>> Construction of the 1,100 mile pipeline meant to bring crude oil from the Bakken shale formation has been dogged by protests since April. George Tamerlani is in Cannonball, North Dakota, covering the demonstrations for Reuters.
>> This is the largest Native American gathering in more than a century and it's no mere environmental protest. For the Standing Rock Sioux, as for all Native Americans, the land and the water are sacred. Not something to be tainted, tampered, or desecrated.>> Our ancestors said all life is sacred and to be treated with respect and we have done.
We have done our part as American citizens. Don't take that dream from our children that this is a fair country.>> The Standing Rock Sioux Tribe saying protests escalated on Saturday, when the pipeline company used bulldozers to destroy sacred tribal sites. Dakota Access accusing the tribe of provoking violence and breaking the law, and trying to stop construction.
>> Well, the security guards created a barricade with their dogs for us not to cross over, for us not to reach the bulldozers. But we crossed it anyways, even while being pepper sprayed or with the dogs. So, there was a lot of chaos that was happening at that moment.
Of course, with children being bit, women, young men, even elders that were out there were trying to stop that. Stop the construction happening.>> A judge on Tuesday said he would issue a decision about an injunction to withdraw permits for the pipeline by Friday when construction is scheduled to resume.