FIRST AIRED: August 31, 2016

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>> It may be the British Prime Minister's country retreat, but there's one issue Theresa May can't escape. The UK Prime Minister has assembled all her Cabinet ministers at Chequers to talk Brexit.>> Well, good morning everybody, thank you very much for coming together today.>> She's made it clear Brexit means Brexit.
There will be no staying in the EU through the back door. But as Reuters Chief Political Correspondent Liz Piper says, May appears open to ideas.>> I think she's welcoming a range of views so she can then make her mind up. But she's very adamant that once she has made her mind up, the Cabinet has to be unified and back her decision.
>> We'll also be looking at the opportunities that are now open to us as we forge a new role for the UK in the world.>> May's buzzwords here, the opportunities an EU exit presents. But there might not be consensus on this table about what that is. Britain's future trade relations with the bloc are likely to be the most contentious issue.
>> Of course, the three possibly most important portfolios, the Department for Brexit, Foreign Affairs and Trade are manned by some of the most ardent campaigners for a departure from the European Union. Of course, they are looking, two of them we know for sure in the past have said that they think there should be no role for Britain in the single market.
Whether that still holds is up for debate. What is interesting is the balancing side, is the new Chancellor, Phillip Hammond, who has made it quite clear that he's interested in trying to keep at least some access to the single market. And I think this is gonna be the sticking point.
>> There's been a fair amount of history written here at Chequers. On Wednesday May and her MP's penned a new chapter. But very few people right now can say how it ends.